First blog post


We, Esko and Lea, got married a long time ago on previous millennium. At one point, without each other knowing we both began to think it would be nice to begin to take photos of interesting bridges as a hobby. It didn´t come true until 2006 when we already had had photo exhibitions from our other theme: Memories from a Lost World (traces of agricultural building tradition). Lea´s first memorable bridge experience as a child was Aunessilta stone arch bridge in Teisko, Finland (photos above and below). She remembers how her father liked to drive this steepish bridge so fast that his wife and daughter had to hold their bellies when the car jumped quite a bit on the top of the arch…

The bridge was built 1899 and it is the biggest stone arch bridge in Finland with its 19 m span and 46,5 m total length. There are much longer granite cladded bridges in our country but their structural core is of concrete. Aunes Bridge grew by the time too narrow for modern traffic and was supposed to be demolished after the new concrete arch bridge was opened 1983 nearby. Luckily however, the protesters won and nowadays it serves pedestrians as a museum bridge.The stones are dry laid except some misshaped stones which were placed with mortar filling. The project turned out much more challenging than the contractor, mason Frans Malmlund, had thought and he went bankrupt when the work was only half done. The bridge, planned by arch. Georg Schreck, 37 years old as he got the planning task in 1896, had to be finished by the commune. By the way do you know where the word bankrupt comes from? If you don´t  – and want to know – we´ll tell it when we reach Italy and Firenze – or Florence – on our journey. And that´ll be already in the second blog…  DSC_9381 – kopio

Teisko is nowadays a part of Tampere which is the 3rd biggest city in Finland.

According to unverified information the name of the bridge derives from an unhappy incident: a young woman,  Aune drowned in about the same place and at about the same time as the bridge was built. So the name has maybe originally been Aune´s Bridge (Aunensilta).




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